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Tips for Executive Interviews Conducted by CEOs

Appearing in interviews for executive positions undoubtedly classifies as a daunting experience, particularly more so if the interview is conducted by the CEO or the director of an organization. Taking into account that such interviews conducted by CEOs are bound to be extremely different and unique, Don Geogevich, in his video provides a list of 8 CEO executive interview tips for acing such interviews.

Geogevich begins by enunciating the importance of being invested in the job that a candidate is applying for. He says that in the course of such interviews conducted by CEOs, it is crucial to convince the CEO that the personal goal of an aspirant complements and harmonizes with the broader vision of the organization. Alongside, it is necessary for one to cite relevant examples from past vocational experiences to convince the CEO about how well-suited the specific role will be for him. As the following step, Geogevich mentions the importance of reading up and carefully discerning what the company, the particular CEO as well as the particular role warrants. Only due clarity will enable a candidate to answer questions with the utmost confidence and precision. A thorough understanding will also allow the candidate to cross-question and put forth opinions of his own. This will make the interview far more engaging and will ensure that it no longer remains a mere one-way process. As the fifth step, Geogevich suggests that a candidate should be upfront about what truly drives and excites them and why. Providing the CEO an expansive idea about themselves will allow the CEO to analyze the sort of leader that an individual will be. Alongside, it is vital to be a great communicator, Geogevich asserts. Only an ability of ardent articulation will turn the interview into a candid conversation and set it apart from the rest. He recommends engaging in meaningful interaction with everyone on the way as these employees might also be asked to provide feedback when it comes to the final selection. In such interviews conducted by CEOs, nothing will imply that a candidate will be a good fit as much as concurring with and believing in the culture and the vision of the enterprise, reminds Don.

Finally, Don reiterates that in such interviews conducted by CEOs, for a candidate to garner success it is essential to convince that he will pose the least of risks to the company’s existing framework. Only imparting a sense of reliability will ensure that the aspirant will be able to coordinate and correlate with others and that they will prove to be a valuable asset to the company, in the long run.

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