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Strategy lessons from GE’s downfall
home robotics

The OK-Robot: A New Marvel in Home Robotics?

This MIT Technology Review article highlights some insights into home robotics and its new marvel, the OK-Robot.
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artificial intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Businesses With Strategy?

This podcast episode from Chicago Booth Review explores the effectiveness of artificial intelligence as a strategist for businesses.
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Effectiveness of TV Advertising

TV Advertising Might Not be Everything You Think It Is

Chicago Booth’s and Northwestern’s teams find television ads considerably less effective than published studies suggest.
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CFO vs VP of Finance: Key Differences & Responsibilities

Understanding Capitalism and Inflation

In this episode of the Chicago Booth Review's Capitalisn’t podcast, hosts Luigi Zingales and Bethany McLean discuss capitalism and inflation.
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AI Assistants: Balancing Potential and Risks

This MIT Technology Review article delves into the risks associated with AI assistants, highlighting their potential to spread misinformation.
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executive presence

Effective Tips for Developing Your Executive Presence

This Berkeley Executive Education article highlights a few effective tips for leaders to develop their executive presence.
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The Distinct Nature of Inflation in Singapore

The important thing about Singapore's inflation is that it’s a worldwide phenomenon, so investors are looking for yield everywhere they can.
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culture of belonging

How Meaningful Work Helps in Finding a Work-Life Balance

This Berkeley Executive Education article highlights how meaningful work elevates one’s work and personal life.
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human intelligence

Highest Paying Jobs in Europe

These are the highest paying jobs in Europe. By understanding the roles, their significance, and the path to them, professionals can chart a successful career trajectory.
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C-Level Executives

What are C-Level Executives?

Understanding what C-Level means and what C-Level executives do.
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