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Consensus Decision-Making – How Do We Decide?

In many parts of the world, employers are calling in about 10% of their workforce. Prepare yourself to go back to work during the pandemic.
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Onboarding a New Boss: Everything You Should Do

This Harvard Business Review article outlines everything employees may do when onboarding a new boss to foster a positive work environment.
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Revolutionizing Robotics: Self-Supervised Learning

This MIT Technology Review article emphasizes the possibility of enforcing self-supervised learning for robots to make them more intelligent.
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Practical Tips for Improving Leadership Skills

This Chicago Booth Review piece explores the efficacy of incentives in optimizing employee engagement and uncovers potential limitations.
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Why Project Management is a Top Career Choice for Executives

Find out everything you need to know about project management; its scope, skills, and qualifications, and career after that.
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Humu's “Nudge Engine”

Can the Occasional ‘Nudge’ Make You Better at Your Job?

As the head of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock ’99 applied data analytics to human resources questions that have long been answered with hunches.
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Do Companies Let Go of the Right People After a Merger?

Yale SOM’s William English, a former economist at the Federal Reserve, talks about how the pandemic affected inflation and how to deal with it.
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5 Tips for Successfully Navigating a Company Merger

Navigating a company merger is always stressful. Here’s how you can come on top on the other side.
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Supply Chains Post COVID

Nicole DeHoratius of Chicago Booth explores how suppliers are responding to the issues in supply chains post Covid-19.
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5 Pillars for Digital Transformation at Financial Institutions

Michael Ruttledge from Citizens Financial Group talks about the 5 pillars for digital transformation at financial institutions.
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ChatGPT and Mental Health: Can AI Provide Emotional Support to Employees?

Discover the potential of ChatGPT in offering emotional support to employees. Explore its benefits, limitations, and the importance of combining AI with human connections for optimal mental health support in the workplace.
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Risk-taking Can Lead to a Leader’s Success or Failure

Yale SOM expert Oriane Georgeac and co-authors discuss how leaders can take risks and avoid failure because of it.
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