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10 Low-tech Inventions With High-value Solutions

10 low-tech inventions with high-value solutions

A compilation of inventions that proves that technologies don’t have to be cutting edge to save the world
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The What, How, And Why Of Stock Market Crashes

The what, how, and why of stock market crashes

Yale SOM’s Robert Shiller examines how the stock market rise of the 1920s, the crash of 1929, and the Great Depression that followed came to be seen as a tale of recklessness and divine punishment—and how that narrative still shapes our understanding of the stock market, in his new book - NARRATIVE ECONOMICS: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events
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Companies Owe Their Communities, Not Just Their Shareholders

Companies owe their communities, not just their shareholders

Chicago Booth’s Luigi Zingales, Emily Heisley Stoeckel of the Heico Companies, and Daniel Anello of Kids First Chicago discuss just how much companies owe the communities that support them.
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Antitrust Enforcement To Protect The Generation Of Digital Consumers

Antitrust enforcement to protect the generation of digital consumers

Fiona Scott Morton, the Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics at Yale SOM, talks about how effective antitrust regulation and enforcement can protect innovation and prevent exploitative markups.
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More Lobbying Could Be Better For The Industry And The Public

More lobbying could be better for the industry and the public

Research by UCLA Anderson’s Henry L. Friedman and University of Pennsylvania’s Mirko S. Heinle suggests more lobbying groups, rather than fewer, is good for the industry and the public
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Early Screening By Blood Tests Can Identify Future Occurrences Of Cancer

Early screening by blood tests can identify future occurrences of cancer

A new study led by Yale SOM’s Arthur J. Swersey, using decision analysis techniques, finds that increasing the number of biopsy needles and using probability modeling to analyze the results can help prevent overtreatment while identifying dangerous cancers.
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France Wants In On The Nuclear Power Scenario Again

France wants in on the nuclear power scenario again. Find out why.

After years of backing away from nuclear power, Le Monde reported that France now wants to build six huge reactors.
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How Inaccurate Is Machine Learning

How (in)accurate is machine learning?

Chicago Booth’s Max Farrell, Tengyuan Liang, and Sanjog Misra have sought to quantify the uncertainty in machine learning in the analysis of data.
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