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Digital Era

Rethinking Design Thinking

This MIT Technology Review article evaluates whether the notion of design thinking is still relevant and where it went wrong.
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Addressing Long-standing Inequities in the Healthcare System

This Harvard Medical School article discusses how healthcare system firms must address the system's long-standing inequities.
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Runway’s Gen1: Generative Artificial Intelligence for Videos

This MIT Technology Review article discusses new artificial intelligence model, Gen-1, and its advantages to users in video editing.
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Mining and Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know

This article from The Spark highlights a few critical facts concerning mining and climate change that you should be aware of.
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Understanding Financial Conflicts of Interest

This Chicago Booth Review article suggests some strategies to tackle with financial conflicts of interest between parties.
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How Watermarks Can Aid in Identifying Text Generated by Artificial Intelligence

This MIT Technology Review article suggests how watermarks can help us identify text generated by artificial intelligence.
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CEO Salary in India

Find out the salary of a CEO or chief executive officer, with the process to get to the position of the CEO.
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The Value of Being Open to Less Good Ideas

In this audio episode from the Berkeley News channel, artist William Kentridge discusses the value of being open to less good ideas.
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How to Stay Healthy Without Exercising?

This Harvard Business Gazette article discusses how simply moving might be an excellent way to stay healthy without exercising.
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About Capitalism and Policy Issues

This Chicago Booth Review article discusses different standpoints expressed by students on capitalism and policy issues.
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What is Cognitive Bias?

This article on the Chicago Booth Review website defines cognitive bias and lists some of its most prominent variants.
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Valuable Lessons on Peer Networks and Their Importance

In this George Talks Business series video from GWU, Vontrese Pamphile provides useful lessons on peer networks.
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