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A Robot That Can Build Other Robots

A robot that can build other robots

MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld and his students are creating the only robot we will ever need. One that can carry out tasks and even assemble complex structures
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Can Being A Businessperson Make You A Better Politician

Can being a businessperson make you a better politician

Andrej Kiska, Slovakia’s president talks about identities, economic growth, success and most importantly, his journey from business to politics
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Computers Can’t Tell If You’re Happy When You Smile

A $25 billion industry based on emotion recognition, falls short

A new study illustrates that contrary to popular belief, computers can’t actually read your emotions.
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Deviate From The Norm: Become A Great Boss

Deviate from the norm: Become a great boss

Chicago Booth gives you the insight on how to be a great boss despite the statistics
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MyShake: A Seismometer In Your Smartphone

MyShake: A seismometer in your smartphone

The UC Berkeley Seismology Lab is making seismometers out of smartphones with an eventual goal to create a worldwide earthquake early warning network.
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Companies Invest In Startups To Repair Weaknesses

Companies investing in startups aren’t in business to nurture startups

Yale SOM’s Song Ma discovers how companies invest in startups when they are struggling, to gain access to innovation and cope with the weakness.
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Power-hungry AI Could Affect The Climate Change Paradigm

Power-hungry AI could affect the climate change paradigm

Despite the warnings, there’s no verdict yet on the possible shift in an already stressed climatic situation due to an increase in AI-related activity
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Human And Machine Relationships With AI

Human and machine relationships with AI. The human perspective

Vice President, Product Engineering at Primer AI, Amy Heineike talks about the company’s focus towards news data, news cycles as well as Wikipedia
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