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Mastering Salary Negotiation in the Era of Pay Transparency

This Harvard Business Review article highlights a few effective tips for salary negotiation in the age of pay transparency laws.
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AI for construction

AI for Construction Sites in Europe

AI for construction sites in Europe, by the British-Israeli startup Buildots, is being used to flag delays or errors automatically.
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How an Executive Education Program Can Be Beneficial for You

There are many reasons why you should do an executive education program. Find out why it is beneficial for you to do one.
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The Future of Executive Education

As 2021 begins, let’s have a look at what the future of executive education looks like and the trends that will surface as it evolves.
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The Correlation Between Purpose and Happiness

Social scientists find that lower-income people are more likely to feel happiness from having a sense of meaning in life than others.
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Financial Management in 2023: Salary, Scope and Career Options

Financial Management: Salary, Scope and Career Options in 2023

Know more about the career path of a financial reporting analyst, including their salary, role and scope of the job.
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chatGPT - A guide for leaders

Why Human-Centric Tests Do Not Fit AI-Language Models

This MIT Technology Review article delves into the intricacies of evaluating AI-language models and their assessment methods.
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Earth Day: An Occasion to Reaffirm the Need for Environmental Protection

Professor of Strategy & Policy, Andrew Delios explains what corporate leaders can do to truly contribute to environmental protection.
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Executive Education Program

What are the Highlights of an Executive Education Program?

What is the experience of an executive education program like? What do participants like about the programs they participate in?
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ROI for Your Executive Education Program

How to Calculate the ROI for Your Executive Education Program

If you’re wondering if an executive education program is worth it, with regards to the ROI, then read on.
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First Executive Education Program

Guide to Your First Executive Education Program

Here’s what you need to know before your first executive education program.
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