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Moisture Scanner

UCLA’s Moisture Scanner Among Top Inventions

China launches its first mission to collect moon rocks, which will be the first lunar sample brought back to Earth in over 44 years.
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Runway’s Gen1: Generative Artificial Intelligence for Videos

This MIT Technology Review article discusses new artificial intelligence model, Gen-1, and its advantages to users in video editing.
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Alternate Reality Games

Alternate Reality Games are Addressing Global Issues

Prof. Patrick Jagoda and Assoc. Prof. Kristen Schilt talk about how they design alternate reality games to address global issues.
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Best Financial Tools Every Online Business Needs in 2024

If you are looking for solutions for your venture, here is a list of the best financial tools for every online business out there.
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Work During the Pandemic

AI Tool CHARM Enables Real-Time Brain Tumor Diagnosis During Surgery

This article on the Harvard Medical School website discusses how online courses may help people improve their knowledge and confidence.
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Questions a Manager Should Ask Their Team

There are a few vital questions a manager should ask their team on a regular basis in order to run a smooth organization.
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artificial intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans in the Workplace?

This MIT Technology Review article emphasizes whether artificial intelligence will replace or augment humans in the workplace.
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executive presence

Tech Leadership Career – Build a Cybersecurity Culture to Foster Business Growth

Boost your tech leadership career - Build a cybersecurity culture to foster business growth in your organization and industry.
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Dos and Don’ts with Cybersecurity

What you should and should not do in order to avoid vulnerabilities and use cybersecurity to protect your business.
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The Key to Successful Salary Negotiations

Holly Schroth, renowned Haas School of Business fellow, shares the key to successful salary negotiations, in this Berkeley ExecEd article.
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3 Finance Degrees for Corporate Finance Jobs

Top Finance Degree to Help You Land a Corporate Finance Job

Find out about the details and features of top finance degrees that can help you get a corporate job in the finance sector.
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