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The Future of Science and Technology

While the past few decades have witnessed an exponential advancement in terms of science and technology across diverse sectors and scenarios, the ever-altering reality of the world, however, warrants even further development in this direction, in the days to come. Taking the cue from this central idea, scientist Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Director of Sutardja Center ponders upon the future of science and technology and the implications that such development might bring forth, in this article.

With regard to the future of science and technology, Sidhu recommends acknowledging the aperture that exists between theoretical knowledge and technological apparatus and bridging the gap between the two as the very first step. While foundational knowledge is imperative to unravel the secrets of the universe, correlating concepts and application of such ideas are equally crucial to pave the way for the future of science and technology, the article affirms. The key to development, therefore, is to opt for cross-disciplinary approaches that will address the multifaceted realities of global issues across borders, foster innovation, and further the future of science and technology in the years to come.

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