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Essential Steps to Foster a Future in a Tech-driven Reality

The fact that every dominant facet of our present reality is determined and directed by technology, cannot perhaps be overstated. This makes it imperative to review and reanalyze the existing modes and dictums operational across the globe and opt for steps to foster an equitable future in a tech-driven reality, an issue that is discussed at length by Emnet Almedom, Nicole Montojo, and Eli Moore, in this article.

While the advancement of technology has indeed brought forth remarkable innovations and results around the world, the sustenance of an equitable future in a tech-driven reality will be possible only if there is a sense of community and collectivity propagated in terms of the utilization of such outcomes as well, the article propounds. The focus of an equitable future in a tech-driven reality should not be to promote infrastructure meant to segregate but rather to review and revise public policies so as to eliminate every form of sectarianism operational in the present society. The priority, as per the article, should be to further welfare in every sense by maximizing protection and credible provisions to effectively foster an equitable future in a tech-driven reality.

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