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Making Technology and Corporate Innovation Simpler for SMEs

Technology is one of the numerous domains in which organizations want to flourish. Through social media and other digital marketing tactics, business owners can effortlessly engage with their consumers and increase brand exposure. The correct technology solutions may also help businesses streamline and manage their operations, which is critical for scalability. Automation, for example, has relieved people of a significant amount of tedious work and has better used their skills. Technology and corporate innovation have also played an important role in creating a productive and happy work environment. As a result, in this NUS article, we discover how technology and corporate innovation may be simplified for SMEs and so be put to greater use.

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Technology and corporate innovation

The article suggests that the first step in the process is to improve core business. According to the article, transformation is commonly perceived as the development of new and sophisticated business models or industry disruption. However, the article suggests that the most successful strategy to lead transformation is through core business. The article also argues that successful organizations prioritize core business over constantly developing and executing fresh methods. While changing company models creates headlines, enhancing fundamental processes is less expensive and yields faster returns. Second, according to the article, it is usual for most firms to designate a physical operation. Many sorts of businesses, as noted in the article, such as those in manufacturing, retail, trade, logistics, and commodities, must deal with physical activities such as equipment, inventories, and assembly lines. As a result, for many businesses, technology and corporate innovation necessitate the combination of digital and physical capabilities. While building a stable platform is essential, it should not be overly focused on the convergence of physical and digital processes. According to the article, progressively developing capabilities is also effective. Companies can divide the total project into discrete projects depending on a short-term, medium-term, and long-term perspective. This is also the notion of agile transformation, which suggests testing out different initiatives to discover what works. Finally, the piece emphasizes digitalization. The paper views digitization to be critical since it and connection are the initial stages toward intelligence. According to the report, digitization, system connection, and information exchange might be the initial step for many SMEs to get started with technology and corporate innovation. Because of the integration and information exchange, local firms gain from increased visibility of their operations.

Although technology and corporate innovation are on the increase, it is not necessary for SMEs to fully comprehend them. The preceding are some suggestions for making better use of technology in the workplace.

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