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Digital Era

How to Stay Relevant as a Senior Executive in the Digital Era

Getting comfortable is easy, in every aspect of life and business. The problem is getting stuck in a comfort zone. But it’s important to constantly update processes and technology to stay ahead. Especially in an ever-dynamic digital era. Technology is evolving everyday and as challenging as it might be in the beginning, keeping up with it is what will help you stay relevant.

According to the AESC Executive Talent Outlook 2019, the demand for technology-focused senior roles ranked highest, whether cybersecurity or analytics. Digital transformation was ranked to be the number one business issue for organizations in the year ahead, while the technology sector was ranked the fastest-growing industry sector for 2019.

How to Stay Relevant as a Senior Executive in the Digital Era?

First, catch up

Catch up with the technology already in place. Working in a pre-internet world, or even one that incorporated the basics, it can be difficult to adapt to digitized processes in the digital era. But, new processes and technologies are already commonplace in corporate offices and institutions. ‘Digital’ is not just about technology, it’s also about culture. Understanding and incorporating this will improve communication between other companies you might be working with who have already incorporated newer technologies at their workplaces.

Update modes of communication

Whether internal or external communication, technology has changed the way we communicate and engage. It is beneficial and efficient to use a communication tool or operating system brought in by the digital era that is widely used today, rather than sticking with old modes of communication. Considering the way work environments are changing, using video conferencing, shared digital productivity tools, and software applications that integrate communication, productivity, project planning, and more, makes the office run more smoothly and far more efficiently.

Stay on top of newer technologies

Routinely updating technologies being used and scanning the market for newer technologies is an important exercise to conduct on a regular basis, no matter your industry. It is a largely understood fact that most software get an update every year to better suit the needs of those using it. Looking for technology to better your service to your customer, hasten your production, or increase internal productivity will help you be more efficient, stay relevant, and can also reduce overall cost. Just like with the recent introduction of Blockchain, more and more companies and industries are already embracing it.

MIT PE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Make the transition to digital data

Many companies have made the complete transition to digital data. All information that was previously ‘paperwork’ is now all automated and digitized. Tasks such as official signatures, routine checks, obligatory processes, and even decision-making have all been digitized and even normalized. Reducing the time involved and reducing the human error factor, this shift in routine work has improved efficiency as well as the quality of work. Incorporating these changes will push you forward and keep you relevant.

Understand the demand for your role

Increasingly, employers are also looking for senior executives that are well-versed with newer technologies and updated workflow and processes. Since clients and other companies that you might work with are using the most recent tech, employers require senior employees to be abreast with the latest technical skills, whether it is to monitor work internally or to collaborate externally. It is becoming necessary for all team members, rather than just the tech-savvy crowd, to understand the latest technologies since tech is taking over all workflows and processes, regardless of the industry.

Study social media

You might not think social media could make a difference to your company or industry. But with an unprecedented increase in social media platforms and users, it is the core of many businesses and industries. Open-source communities and platforms also aid in sharing ideas, whether to solve problems, or give feedback. Understanding how the different platforms work is essential for you to be able to implement campaigns, target audiences, connect with them, and publish other outward communication.

Staying up-to-date prevents you from becoming irrelevant. With digital natives Gen Z entering the workforce, the way we work and the very nature of work is at the cusp of a digital overhaul. Staying relevant in this digital world is what will propel you forward.


Q. Why is it important to update modes of communication?

A. In the event that a company you are working with is using digital communication and productivity tools while you are not, communication can be hampered.

Q. Why should one make the transition to digital data?

A. Maintaining data in any other way other than digital is not only an outdated method, but it is also risky. Digital data is more secure and also efficient.

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