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What You Need to Know to Switch Industries Successfully

In this article by Forbes, Dawn Graham, a licensed psychologist and career director for the Wharton MBA Program for Executives reveals her secret tips for those who want to switch industries.

You know it is time to consider switching industries when you love your job but are faced with dead-ends in growth and the ability for you to function better in that industry. She says that it is possible to feel a new joy for work while also enhancing your skill set and your experience at a new workplace in a new industry. So, do not be afraid.

Starting with the most important advice – in any interview be prepared with an answer to, ‘Why this industry?’ Avoid making negative comments about your previous industry and focus on sharing the reasons for your excitement to work in the new industry. Be prepared to stand by your decision and prove any stereotypes or assumptions wrong that your new employer might inquire about. You can turn a potential negative into a positive by pointing out the similarities between both industries to indicate that you will be bringing some skills from the old industry. You can also establish yourself in the new environment by showing agility and quickly adapting to their language and culture.

Although it can definitely be challenging to switch industries, you can turn it around and make it work with these helpful tips.

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