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Learn How You Can Improve Your Networking Skills

It’s a well-known fact that networking is a fundamental skill in the business world. But it’s not one that’s fundamental to every person and professional. In this video, Adriana Girdler explains how you can improve your networking skills.

She begins her networking tips, by insisting that when you are networking with someone you need to give them your full attention. It’s very noticeable when someone you are speaking with is not paying attention and that can leave a bitter taste regarding that conversation and that potential relationship. You also need to be an attentive listener. Ensure that they know you have been listening and paying attention. Quite often, listening is an underrated and undervalued skill. Another point to keep in mind is to look for those who have more experience or different experience than you to network with. And if it is someone who is at a senior position, ask them to mentor you. This way you will learn a lot more than if you network with those at your level. Learn to make yourself be heard because making your presence felt is extremely important for the networking to begin. Networking platforms like LinkedIn will also help you improve your networking skills.

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