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How to Become a CTO or Chief Technology Officer

Too little information is available about the credentials that are warranted to fit into the role of a chief technology officer or a CTO. For the very same reason, 365 Data Science, in this video, elaborates on the skill sets and the qualifications that a person must possess in order to become a CTO in an organization.

Although every enterprise has its own sets of requirements and needs, broadly speaking, the role of a chief technology officer or a CTO is to handle the technical arena of an organization and to further the development of products and services in accordance. The very first question that the video by 365 Data Science addresses is the crucial issue of the job openings available for a chief technology officer or a CTO. Listing out Microsoft and Federal Reserve Bank as the organizations with the maximum number of openings, the video states that other companies such as Bloomberg, Centura Health, and so on, have very few openings. However, the video points out that although it may seem that only colossal enterprises are looking to hire CTOs, that is however not the case as in reality, a myriad of startups and new upcoming organizations catering to varied industries are also looking to recruit CTOs, thereby, making it an in-demand skill right now. As for educational degrees, the minimum qualification warranted become a CTO is that of a Bachelor’s with a specialization in computer science but multiple organizations demand a master’s degree as well, the video enunciates. As for the desired experience, an ideal candidate with experience of above 10 years or at least 7 years is given more preference when it comes to recruitment, the video by 365 Data Science. When it comes to the skills required for the CTO role, as per the video, programming languages such as Java, SQL, and others are preferred along with a knowledge of front-end technologies and other relevant ones such as machine learning, Azure, and so on. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, organizations also look for domain proficiency in candidates pertaining to the health sector, the financial sector, and others, to name a few.

In the concluding section, the video reminds that soft skills and the ability to communicate are as important to become a CTO in an organization and should not be neglected at any cost. Keeping the above pointers in mind and strategizing accordingly, is sure to enhance the possibilities of getting hired as a CTO and to further success, in the long run.

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