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How to Attract and Hire Super-Skilled Employees

Why Hire Super-Skilled Employees

With workplaces constantly evolving due to the changes in the market along with other environmental factors, for companies to survive and thrive, it is imperative to ensure that your team is able to meet the demands of a changing work environment. It is important to consider the future of the company and make decisions with posterity in mind. This can be done either by upskilling the employees you have or hiring the right candidates. While upskilling your current employees is an important practice to implement regularly, hiring the right people for the job is equally important.

Finding the right people is forever a challenge and they don’t come by easily. So when you do find the absolute right person, not only for the job at hand, but also for the team at hand, it is not surprising that you might do everything you reasonably can in order to have them join your team. And that presents a complication. How do you ensure they are hired? How do you show them that the company is as much of an asset to their careers as they are to you and your company? How do you attract and hire super-skilled employees?

Before establishing how you will attract and hire super-skilled employees, you need to understand how to recognize these employees. Not only will super-skilled employees be exceptional in negotiating themselves, but they will also have exceptional leadership, communication, and strategic problem-solving skills, among others. You also need to look for candidates who fulfill the requirements of the role you need them to take in your organization. This might mean they need experience, expertise, unique qualifications, and maybe more depending on the job at hand.

How to attract top talent

Once you do identify the candidates is when you need to know what you can do to get them on board. Here is how you should attract and hire talented employees;

1. Ensure an exceptional job description

When considering the strategies to attract and retain new workers, remember that highly skilled employees will look for companies that they think match their caliber. So, understand that the first thing they see is the job description your company puts out in search of them. Considering this will possibly create the first impression of the company on them, and will determine whether the candidate will apply for the job, it needs to be well-thought out and just as high in quality as you need them to be. Ensure that the JD gives enough information about the job to explain the requirements of the position but is also clear and concise. Highlight aspects that you think need special attention from the candidate. This is the first step of attracting candidates before you meet them.

2. Consider a range rather than a figure

The salary will without a doubt be a big part of the negotiation. So, prepare well in advance. Consider a fair price and be open to negotiate that price. Be clear about how much you are willing to negotiate depending on how valuable you think that candidate may be. You can even consider a range marginally higher than market value in case you are not prepared to let go of a particular candidate at any cost.

3. Offer benefits

In order to negotiate terms with super-skilled employees this is possibly the most important point. While you might present a salary that is unmatched, also offering benefits can prove to be what ultimately convinces them to accept your offer. Salaries are very important but benefits are also extremely important. In fact, if you are not able to offer the salary that might sway their decision, you can definitely offer a combination of benefits that might. There are multiple benefits that could help negotiate terms with super-skilled employees such as select insurance plans (especially the ones that include family members), corporate discounts and membership (gym/ fitness club memberships), paid vacation, disability insurance (if applicable), regular performance bonuses, sponsorships for executive education programs, and more.

While these are benefits they can claim, you could also offer other advantages that allow them to work on themselves such as catered meals or flexible employment options that could include remote work, flexible schedules, etc. Including additional advantages such as these might help you hire these super-skilled employees.

4. Pay attention to the details

Details such as the communication between your company and the super-skilled candidate, the follow-ups, the interview process, the company culture, etc. Someone of that caliber will pick up on all these details and will make their decision based on them. So ensure that they are given the importance and consideration they deserve considering the value they will bring to your company. While these might all be smaller aspects, they are very much details that the candidate will notice and be influenced by in their decision to join your company.


In order to attract the caliber of employees that constitute super-skilled workers, your company needs to reflect that caliber as well. No matter the size of your company, in order to attract and hire super-skilled employees, you need to demonstrate the qualities that they will be attracted to. And while this process can take time, these points above can most definitely help you in that process. 

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