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How to Acquire Success in a New Role

Taking on a new leadership role or a managerial position opens up hist of remarkable opportunities and yet, it comes across as daunting for most. Rob Cross, Greg Pryor, and David Sylvester, in this article from Harvard Business Review, designate certain strategic ways to acquire success in a new role.

While seeking to uncover what drives success in a new role, it is important to understand that a change or alteration in terms of a vocational role must also be supported by a well-integrated on-boarding mechanism, the article mentions. However, along with tending to individual work performance, it is equally important to focus on partaking in coordination with fellow workers. The success of an enterprise is most often determined by the collaborative action of its employees. Therefore, in order to truly garner success in a new role, being a part of the team as a whole and working collectively to accomplish the vision of the organization, is non-negotiable. Among the other strategies to gain success in a new role, the article enunciates the importance of fostering networks as one of the key fundamental steps. Connecting with proficient co-workers, systematically and strategically, is undeniably one of the chief determinants to maximize productivity at the earliest. Alongside, accomplishing success in a new role also makes it imperative for individuals to undertake a thorough self-evaluation. A recognition of one’s own strength and limitations will help individuals settle into their new role and fulfill requirements better, the article affirms. Since taking on a new role can often come across as stressful for most, it is essential for professionals to devote attention to their physiological as well as psychological well-being. Only when individuals that are well-possessed and confident, both in terms of physical as well as mental health, will perform optimally and further the creation of a credible network within the organization, the article concludes.

A new role brings along with it a certain degree of uncertainty and a set of unprecedented challenges. Formulating a strategic approach keeping in mind these crucial pointers will inevitably aid individuals when it comes to garnering success in a new role.

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