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Ways to Improve Teamwork

Constructive teamwork is one of the crucial determinants that can exponentially augment the productivity of an organization. In this article on the balance careers, Susan M. Heathfield recommends ten effective ways to improve teamwork, on the whole.

Taking into account the diverse requirements and situation-specific demands of every team out there, Susan recommends a clear understanding of the common objective as one of the very first ways to improve teamwork. Only a team that has a precise vision and the apparatus of effective communication can successfully coordinate and collaborate to fulfill goals, she asserts. Alongside, nurturing an environment that provides members the comfort and the liberty to partake in risks and opportunities is yet another one of the credible ways to improve teamwork. While it is essential for the team to embody a collective spirit for eventual success, alongside, it is equally crucial to encourage and further the unique individuality of each of the members to come up with the most creative and innovative solutions, in the long run, Heathfield reminds. Among the other ways to improve teamwork, Susan suggests inculcating a spirit of continual amelioration within members to rectify errors and strive towards perfection. Besides, equal involvement and participation of members along with tending to impediments and resolution of conflicts within teams are yet other ways to enhance the efficiency of the team, overall. As one of the final ways to improve teamwork, Susan emphasizes the importance of collective decision-making and collaborative stance as the most crucial determinants effectuating the success of a team, in the long run.

While functioning as a team requires extensive organization and coordination, keeping in mind these potent ways to improve teamwork are sure to invoke positive outcomes and enhance the efficiency of organizations, better than ever before.

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