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How to Ace a Senior-level Interview

The founder and CEO of Milewalk, award-winning author, world leading coach, career expert and speaker, Andrew LaCivita discusses what you need to know to ace a senior-level interview.

Senior-level interview tips

According to Andrew, the most important thing in a senior-level interview is to get the interviewer familiar with what the company would look like with your presence in future. If the clarity about how you plan on contributing towards the company’s future goal is missing then even your suitable credentials could go in vain.

The second most imperative tip to consider for the role of a senior executive during an interview is to demonstrate that you are all-inclusive, tremendously inspiring, as well as capable of building effective teams. When you get the chance to ask questions during an interview, he recommends asking follow-up questions rather than asking dead-end questions or different questions one after the other. He explains that by having follow-up questions you will leave the impression of being well-researched, thoughtful, and someone who gathers all the information needed by asking right questions to make executive-level decisions.

Moreover, the utilization of these skills are bound to deliver great results. So, keeping these executive job interview tips in mind, you can ace your senior-level interview.

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