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Learn the Art of Salary Negotiation for Executives

In this article from Forbes, the founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, Elena Bajic, shares essential steps to learn the art of salary negotiation for upcoming and experienced executives to negotiate their ideal compensation package..

Salary negotiation is never easy. But it is a way to value your work. To begin, she suggests that you go extremely prepared for the salary and benefits negotiation meeting. You should also consider benefits such as health insurance coverage, car allowance, additional leaves, flexibility, training, certifications, etc. It will bode well to show up confident and use your communication skills to ensure your interviewer is happy and in a situation where both parties win. Learn to honor your worth and be prepared to decline if your expectations are not met. And, if a severance agreement is offered, make sure to discuss it, review it, or get it reviewed by a trusted friend before signing it.

Compensation or salary negotiation skill is possibly one of the most important skills of your professional career so it’s important to give it the attention it deserves.

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