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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Salary Negotiation

One of the most critical factors influencing your satisfaction at the organization is your salary. If you feel you should be paid more for the amount of efforts you put in, you can either find a new, higher-paying job or speak with your management and seniors about a raise. Salary negotiation is the best choice if you appreciate your current job and believe you can progress there. As straightforward as asking for a raise may look, effectively conveying your request is essential. Keeping that in mind, Sonal Bahl discusses some of the most typical mistakes applicants make during salary negotiation in this video.

Mistakes to avoid during salary negotiation

To begin, Sonal believes that refusing to negotiate your salary is one of the most crucial mistakes that almost all of us make in our careers. She believes that the most typical cause for this is apprehension stemming from a fear of losing favor with your officials. She believes that how much you practice for a salary negotiation would undoubtedly affect your confidence. As a result, rehearsing before making your request will not only increase your confidence but will also help you carry out the conversation properly. Second, she outlines how giving a specific amount you want is also a critical error. She says instead of presenting a specific figure, give them a range.

According to her, the range you provide should include your desired income on the lower end of the range and an even higher one on the other. This increases your chances of receiving your desired salary assuming you get a raise. She also emphasizes how applicants frequently avoid salary negotiation only because they think they are not deserving. She says that whether you are joining back after a break, starting your career, or advancing in your career, concentrating on all transferrable skills is critical when discussing your salary expectations to increase your chances of earning a raise. Finally, she believes that most candidates view salary negotiation as a procedure in which they just focus on themselves. She highlights the need of providing something to the firm as well. According to her, candidates should communicate their pay expectations with the employer while also offering something to achieve a win-win situation. This increases your chances of having your request approved while also having a favorable influence on the dialogue.


It is vital to request a raise if you feel it is well deserved. The aforementioned are a handful of the most prevalentsalary negotiation mistakes to avoid.

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