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The Key to Successful Salary Negotiations

With the vocational climate across the globe undergoing a complete transformation by virtue of the ever-altering reality at large, most professionals are switching their jobs and opting for new endeavors. However, one crucial aspect that often gets disregarded in the course of this transition, is that of pay negotiations. Bearing this in mind, Holly Schroth, a renowned fellow from Haas School of Business, designates the key to successful salary negotiations, in this article from Berkeley ExecEd.

How to negotiate salary

To begin with, Schroth underlines the importance of successful salary negotiations so as to avoid the risk of being deprived of a suitable remuneration. The article recommends certain key points that an individual must not lose sight of, in order to learn successful salary negotiations. While acknowledging the skepticism, on the part of employees, in terms of such negotiations, Holly designates the use of proper evaluation and prudence to avoid common errors. It is necessary, therefore, to exude confidence and be up straight in the course of such interactions. Alongside, it is also important to opt for a suitable timing and wait until acquiring a guaranteed offer to partake in these discussions and thereby conclude successful salary negotiations.

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