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Antitrust to Protect Digital Consumers

Antitrust Enforcement to Protect the Generation of Digital Consumers

Fiona Scott Morton, the Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics at Yale SOM, talks about how effective antitrust regulation and enforcement can protect innovation and prevent exploitative markups.
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More Lobbying is Better

More Lobbying could be Better for the Industry and the Public

Research by UCLA Anderson’s Henry L. Friedman and University of Pennsylvania’s Mirko S. Heinle suggests more lobbying groups, rather than fewer, is good for the industry and the public
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early Screening for Cancer

Early Screening by Blood Tests can Identify Future Occurrences of Cancer

A new study led by Yale SOM’s Arthur J. Swersey, using decision analysis techniques, finds that increasing the number of biopsy needles and using probability modeling to analyze the results can help prevent overtreatment while identifying dangerous cancers.
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France Wants Nuclear Power

France Wants In on the Nuclear Power Scenario Again. Find out Why.

After years of backing away from nuclear power, Le Monde reported that France now wants to build six huge reactors.
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Machine Learning

How (In)Accurate is Machine Learning?

Chicago Booth’s Max Farrell, Tengyuan Liang, and Sanjog Misra have sought to quantify the uncertainty in machine learning in the analysis of data.
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What is the Future

What Exactly is ‘the Future’?

When, exactly, does your present end, and your future begin? UCLA’s Hal E. Hershfield and University of Toronto’s Sam J. Maglio, explore that question and how it affects decision making in a paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
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Bitcoin or Blockchain

Is the Future Bitcoin, or Blockchain?

While some might still hope for Bitcoin’s rise, blockchain might be a more promising technology. Faculty and experts across the Global Network for Advanced Management talk about the potential benefits and risks of Bitcoin and blockchain.
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Equity Crowdfunding Means Losses

The Entry of Equity Crowdfunding means Small Investors will Lose a lot of Money

Equity crowdfunding means anyone can invest in start-ups in exchange for ownership shares, but also means the development of a start-up bubble meaning and massive losses for the majority of individual investors.
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Synaptic Proteins Captured

A New Rapid Imaging Technique Allows for Synaptic Proteins within Synapses to be Captured

Researchers at MIT and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have devised a new way to rapidly image synaptic proteins at high resolution that could help reveal how conditions such as autism affect brain cells.
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Google’s Quantum Computer

Google’s Quantum Computer Out-Performed the Supercomputer, Summit

The Financial Times reported a team of researchers from Google led by John Martinis demonstrated quantum supremacy for the first time.
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Formula for Success

Is there a ‘Formula’ for the Success of Companies?

Elite companies’ superstar strategy involving the mastery of data analytics and information technology.
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Government Fails Businesses Lead

Addressing Climate Change is in the Hands of Energy Companies when Governments Fail the Requirement

Rich Lesser, CEO, Boston Consulting Group, and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale SOM, write about the role businesses must play when the government fails to address a global issue like climate change.
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