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Should You Launch Finished or Unfinished Crowdfunded Products?

AIn a working paper, UCLA Anderson’s Christopher S, University College London’s Sıdıka Tunç Candoğan, Bilal Gokpinar and Ersin Körpeoğlu, and Erasmus University’s Philipp B. Cornelius discuss the performance of a crowd-funded product that takes the suggestions of investors.

While engaging in online crowdfunding, entrepreneurs tend to launch a product that is not entirely finished. In the case of online crowdfunding, they will not only receive funding but also various ideas and suggestions to improve the final product. Previous research has indicated that Encouraging this contribution increases innovation and also product performance once the product is launched. The conundrum now is whether to only launch finished products or launch a semi-finished product and pick the most popular crowd-suggested features to add on.

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