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Trust: The Key to Transforming Outlooks in Social Media

Conflict or lack of agreement forms an integral part of human interaction, across every space and medium. In the technologically-oriented reality of today, social media, in particular, often serves as the battleground for opposing minds, at large. However, despite the acute hostility and radical expressions involved, an analysis of such interactions reveal that they fail to sway or alter either of the opposing stances. In this regard, Tauhid Zaman, after an in-depth-assessment of such virtual interactions, recommends the use of trust as a potent tool to persuade and convince and thereby, upholds it as a key to transforming outlook in social media, an aspect that this article on Yale Insights duly elaborates.

While an exhibition of malice and bitterness is bound to alienate the two opponents from each other without a change of heart on either side, Zaman suggests the use of a technique that he terms ‘pacing and leading’ as a key to transforming outlook in social media. Rather than completely rejecting the other’s standpoint, this method, as per the article, instead, advocates fraternizing to instill a spirit of trust between the two parties involved. An ardent attempt to understand the underlying cause of a radical stance from up close not only helps in curbing antagonism but also aids in uncovering the solution required to gradually persuade, modify and result in transforming outlook in social media, an approach that can be carefully evaluated and implemented in the larger scheme of things, as well, in the days to come.

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