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Burnout as an Opportunity to Refigure Reality

The fact that the global pandemic has induced a plethora of unprecedented challenges, exposing the global population to varied stressful scenarios and uncertainties amounting to burnout, perhaps, cannot be overstated. This article from Berkeley News by Yasmin Anwar, however, offers a slightly different perspective, urging people instead to view burnout as an opportunity to refigure reality at large.

While the era prior to the pandemic did propound a certain sense of stability, it, however, also propelled the idea of embracing the monotonous and upholding conformity in regard to every pursuit, the article points out. The pandemic, despite the innumerous difficulties that it brought along, however, made it imperative alongside to cope and readapt with the changing scheme of things, thereby, posing mass burnout as an opportunity to refigure reality, extensively. The necessity to realign and break out of recurrent patterns, as per the article, is indeed difficult to come to terms with. This aspect leads to recommending a novel stance to perceive burnout as an opportunity to refigure reality and alter and better the surroundings.

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