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Replacing Search Engines With AI-powered Chatbots

While developments in the domain of artificial intelligence and its associated apparatus are perceived as nothing short of phenomenal transformations across diverse sectors, the idea of completely replacing search engines with AI-powered chatbots, however, is one that has garnered considerable skepticism on the part of global experts. Providing a glimpse into the recent strides made by Google in replacing search engines with AI-powered chatbots, Will Douglas Heaven, in this article in MIT Technology Review, addresses this very crucial question, taking into account the perspectives of eminent experts and professionals across the globe.

The idea of completely replacing search engines with AI-powered chatbots, as per the article, is essentially flawed as it might overtax the designated capacity of such models, thereby amounting to the misrepresentation of information. While improving the associated technology might be viewed as a remedy to rectify the situation, it is essential to bear in mind that these AI-powered models, despite being equipped with language, are mere mechanical tools, devoid of the crucial ability to comprehend that limits their efficacy in terms of replacing search engines, the article asserts.

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