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Tools to Improve Collaboration and Productivity for Remote Teams

Although working from home has always been a tendency, the Covid-19 epidemic saw the most increase in this trend. Businesses were compelled to close their offices, and every person was expected to work remotely in order to protect themselves. Although some employees found the change to be challenging, remote work eventually emerged as a productive corporate operating model. Working remotely has several drawbacks, but one of the most common is less effective teamwork and communication. Compared to teams who work physically in an office, remote teams experience less social interaction. It is essential that collaboration and output increase in order to raise working standards. Hence, this YouTube video from the “AppSumo” channel presents some of the top tools for remote teams that may help to increase their productivity and teamwork.

This video’s initial tool suggestion is a service called Slack. This tool is said to be particularly adept at simplifying communication for remote teams. It offers an always-on digital community place where you and your team may quickly and effectively work. You can also categorize chats into separate channels for various topics to keep your inbox clutter-free. In the video, it is recommended to utilize the “Zoom” software to host one of the finest video calls for your team. The video claims that this software offers some of the greatest video quality and a user-friendly layout. Zoom allows you to experience lesser glitches, freezes, or lags. One of the most crucial events for an organization is an interactive digital event. The challenge is holding them with the aid of remote teams. The video suggests utilizing the “Remo Conference” to counteract this. It serves as a digital venue for interactive events that include presentations, panels, and networking. The platform’s segmented circular tables make it simple to browse and rapidly link you to a group video chat. The next suggestion in the video is to utilize “MeetFox.” You can schedule meetings, conduct video conferences, and submit invoices all at once with Meetfox’s all-in-one solution. The video recommends adopting “Process Street” for no-code workflow management for remote teams. It essentially consists of super-powered checklists that guide your team through routine tasks. You may simplify operations across all of your remote teams and departments with the aid of this solution. It also allows you to effortlessly prioritize work based on clear, well-written procedures, develop custom process templates, assign tasks, schedule recurring tasks, and check progress from the dashboard. Finally, the video proposes utilizing ‘Google Drive’ to securely store your files, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Although remote work has harmed cooperation and collaboration, reducing the social environment, there are always approaches to enhance working standards. Hence, this YouTube video from the AppSumo channel provides you with a list of tools that can be used for enhancing the collaboration and productivity of remote teams.

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