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How Leaders Can Effectively Resolve a Workplace Conflict

It is normal for workplace conflict to occur when people from very diverse origins, belonging to various cultures, and having very different perspectives and attitudes work together in an organization. While a minor argument may be settled by the parties involved, when the issue threatens to escalate, it is vital for a leader to step in. This is critical in order to preserve the pleasant working atmosphere and save time by resolving the issue as soon as feasible. However, although it is crucial for a leader to interfere in the situation, it is also important for a leader to be able to handle a heated one. While everyone looks forward to the leader as someone who can put a stop to a problem right away, it is common for them to be clueless at times. This, however, exacerbates the condition. To avoid a scenario like this, this podcast episode on The Modern Manager channel highlights a few effective tips for leaders to manage workplace conflict effectively.

Navigating a workplace conflict is an essential skill for managers, as discussed in a recent podcast episode on The Modern Manager channel, featuring conflict management expert Carol Bowser. According to the episode, workplace conflict is a natural part of collaboration, and managers must adeptly address conflicts to ensure team success. Bowser emphasizes that traditional approaches, such as lawsuits, lack the efficacy of actively involving individuals in resolving conflicts. The episode suggests viewing conflict not as a destructive force but as an informative one, revealing important emotional reactions. Managers are encouraged to recognize different team members’ risk tolerances and appreciate diverse perspectives, avoiding phrases like “calm down” or “everything will work out.” By fostering effective communication and understanding, managers can create a positive conflict resolution environment, enhancing team dynamics. This approach contributes to a healthier workplace culture and empowers individuals to share their valuable insights, the episode concludes.

Leaders are expected to find a solution relatively instantly when a workplace conflict arises. Yet, it may not always be simple for them, as they may require some time to fully comprehend the scenario. However, there are several measures and tips that they can keep in mind, some of which are given above, that can help them deal with workplace conflict effectively.

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