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Strategies to Improve Employee Health and Performance

Employee health has a direct influence on productivity and other elements of employee behavior, such as engagement, corporate morale, work performance, and job satisfaction. Improving employee health and performance is one of any HR department’s top priorities. Both are closely related topics, and to enhance one, the other must be addressed. As a result, this Harvard Medical School article suggests a few practical measures that HR professionals may employ to enhance the well-being of their employees.

Strategies to Improve employee health and performance

The article’s first suggestion for HR professionals to improve employee health and performance is to stock the office with healthier energy-boosting snacks. According to the article, HR executives can help their and their employees’ health by providing healthy snacks like proteins and complex carbohydrates. The article recommends avoiding processed meals since they provide an immediate boost in blood glucose and sugar but then quickly plummet, leaving the person craving more food. According to the article, encouraging employees to go for walks is another effective strategy to improve employee health and performance. The article suggests that leaders urge their staff to take a walk for virtual or small in-person meetings where visuals are not required.

The article also discusses how sleep is another essential factor that has a direct influence on employee health and performance. The article suggests that employees sleep for seven to eight hours a night to increase their energy levels. It is further emphasized that employees frequently go through significantly stressful events and tasks. However, when people are stressed, their bodies respond by hunching over and compressing their lungs, which leads to shorter breaths. As a result, the article suggests that HR leaders educate their employees on a few efficient stress management techniques to help them cope with such situations. Finally, one of the article’s final suggestions is to shun alcoholic drinks at work events in order to support employees’ overall wellness. Non-alcoholic beverages make you feel better and more refreshed in the morning whereas alcoholic drinks drain one’s energy.

Employee health and performance are two of the most essential aspects influencing business success. The aforementioned are a few techniques to improve employee well-being.

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