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Achieve Career Growth

Why Executive Education is the Way to Achieve Career Growth

Being a business professional or an entrepreneur means you need to constantly work on being a better and more productive professional and achieve career growth. The demand for professionals and executives is growing everyday and so is the tall order of requirements from these professionals and executives.

According to McKinsey, between 2015 and 2030, 250 million to 280 million jobs could be created through rising incomes on consumer goods. And a further 50 million to 85 million jobs could be generated from higher health and education spending. This leads to suggest that approximately 375 million professionals might need to switch occupations and learn new skills.
*Source: CarringtonCrisp Executive Education Futures 2018 Study

The Expected Volume of Executive Roles by Global Leaders in Different Functions

*Source: 2018 BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook Report

It is not a secret that the business arena is ever-changing and ever-evolving. The business ecosystem is fast becoming a global multi-pronged organism and as an executive, you are expected to keep up and stay on top.

The Expected Volume of Executive Roles by Global Leaders in Different Sectors

*Source: 2018 BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook Report

But, what exactly do you need to and achieve career growth? For you to move up in your ambitions? To become a global executive? To lead your team, your company, and your industry?

Executive education for career growth

1) Developing a strong personal brand

To move up in the corporate world, and more so in the global corporate arena, owning a strong personal brand is paramount. It communicates your professional personality and career trajectory. Both of which employers and clients will notice. Executive education can help develop both – professional personality and career trajectory. The addition of an executive education program itself proves high in your personal brand. Employers notice that you are invested in your career and the industry.

2) Added credentials is added advantage

Employers do look for certain credentials when they are looking for someone to join their team. An added skill or perhaps knowledge in a new technology, managerial expertise or strategic planning capabilities. Executive education will give you this. It will add that expertise to your resume. Along with the name of the reputed institution, which has its own advantages.

3) Developing leadership skills

Employers are always looking for those stand-out team members who can work in a team as well as lead an idea or a project to completion in that same team. It is imperative to understand how to lead a team, in order to move up the corporate ladder. Leading a team includes forward planning, strategic thinking, decision-making, and mentoring. A leader needs to work on the big-picture while also understanding daily tasks. This is another thing that you will gain from your executive education program. It will hone your inner leadership capabilities and make you a better professional.

4) Industry awareness

This is a factor that is extremely important. Considering today’s business market, in any industry, there are constant updates and advances, making it imperative to be in touch with the progresses to fully understand the industry. This is also something that differentiates graduate-level students from executive education participants. The understanding and awareness of the ever-changing market as well as new technologies and processes is a huge reason for senior executives to enroll in an executive education program. You will learn the current industry drivers as well as potential future technologies.

5) Soft skills

Team and project management, conflict resolution capabilities, and communication skills, among others, are all learned skills that you will gain through an executive education program. These soft skills are appreciated by any management and will come in handy no matter what the industry. While you might have enrolled in an executive education program that will teach you about current and future technologies, you will gain a lot more through an executive education program. Learning and working on projects and in some cases, through formal instruction, will teach you these soft skills, which is a big part of executive education and boosting your professional experience to achieve career growth.

6) A strong professional network

No matter what the industry, a strong professional network enables you to expand your business in ways that you would not be able to otherwise. Employers do consider this while screening applicants for a senior position role. An executive education program allows you an alumni of your program and a network of like-minded executives, like yourself, from diverse backgrounds, possibly different countries, and many different industries. This cohort of senior professionals will become your professional network.

Executive education has been fast gaining traction because it is formulated and curated for those who need to push their career forward. If you want to extend and expand your career, executive education is a prominent part of that process.


Q. What is the correlation between a strong personal brand and achieving career growth through executive education?

A. Moving up in the corporate world means having a strong personal brand. It communicates your professional personality and career trajectory for employers and clients to notice.

Q. How does industry awareness bring career growth through executive education?

A. The understanding and awareness of the ever-changing market and new technologies and processes is one of the prominent benefits of enrolling in an executive education program.

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