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Why Play is Important for Business

It is critical to bring out your workers’ creative side in order to help them achieve their objectives. ‘Play’, when used as a work tool, is both spontaneous and enjoyable, and it aids leaders in bringing out the best in their staff. It expedites learning while also making it enjoyable. The most crucial component of offering mentorship to your staff is ensuring that they fully comprehend everything and have a great learning experience. As a result, play contributes a bit to that joyful learning experience.

Martin Reeves, a strategist, conducts a talk with this notion at the center to help us understand why is play important for business. Martin Reeves begins the talk by noting that he enjoys seeing children play and that he feels that playing allows you to grasp the rules in a much deeper sense and eliminates the fear of asking questions if you do not understand something or if something is not appropriate for you. He goes on to say that, for the reasons he addresses later in the episode, he feels that play is an important business tool. The first reason to support why is play important for business, according to him, is because play allows us to enforce re-imagination in the workplace. It is critical to continually rethink your business model in order to maintain a competitive advantage. He says it is typical practice for businesses to rely on business concepts that have previously shown to be effective. However, he believes that stretching your plan in order to increase your success is critical. He believes that in order to re-imagine your approach, you must mentally prepare yourself to abandon old methods in favor of new ones, that can be accomplished via play. Before making big decisions, a few playful activities might help you clear your mind and think more clearly. This assists in making the best decisions possible. Martin claims that when employees get together to play, they all become a team, regardless of their level of authority. This offers a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to express their thoughts, which they may have been hesitant to express owing to fear of being criticized or fear of being approved by higher authority. He concludes the conversation by adding that, in his opinion, the reason to why is play important for business is because it is only when playgrounds are provided that leaders can unlock the imagination in their employees, uncover destructive new strategies and renew their lease on the future.

Play, as a cherished childhood pastime, could scarcely be considered as a successful business tool. However, Martin Reeves, a strategist, explains why is play important for business in this episode of the TED Talks Daily podcast, available on Apple Podcasts.

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