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Ways to Stay Productive During a Crisis

Every person’s career path includes dealing with a crisis. Sometimes the intensity of the crisis is such that it disrupts team communication and technical procedures, but most significantly, one of the most essential things that might be jeopardized is your productivity and motivation to work. It is essential to carry out work with the same level of enthusiasm and at the same pace regardless of the scenario since while working in a team, a number of people rely on you and your contribution to a certain project. Whether the crisis is personal, corporate, or global in scope, it is imperative to stay productive during a crisis. Since dealing with a crisis is tough, and being productive during one is much more challenging, this YouTube video from the ‘Brendan Ellis channel’ offers a few ideas that can help you cope with the situation and stay productive during a crisis.

One of the most effective tips to stay productive during a crisis shared by Brendan in this video suggests that during a crisis, every individual has two choices: accept that life is chaotic and bitter at times, but find a way to adapt to the circumstances, or refuse to adapt and become miserable. Although the decision is entirely up to the person, it is better to go with the first option. It is possible for even the best-laid plans to fail, but it is always preferable to seek a solution rather than remain unhappy about it. Second, he advises you to keep focused on your responsibilities. According to him, it is not justifiable to abandon your goals and devote all of your attention to the crisis. He advocates focusing on the situation as well, but he strongly opposes ignoring other vital aspects of your life. Working under the stress of coping with a difficult scenario that may have happened unexpectedly is incredibly difficult. To deal with this, he proposes doing brief bursts of work, such as using the ‘Pomodoro method’, which allows you to take short breaks after a set time period, reducing the possibility of burnout. He believes that focusing on your physical and mental energies is critical to stay productive during a crisis. He suggests eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and doing some light exercise. Finally, he highlights the need of reducing the number of decisions that must be made. He believes it is critical to distinguish between judgments that are critical and those that are not. This will allow you to focus on the most important ones and, according to him, will keep you psychologically calm.

Crisis management is particularly difficult since it needs you to remain cool and focused despite the mental strain. If you are worried about how to stay productive during a crisis, the aforementioned advice from the YouTube video on the ‘Brendan Ellis’ channel will undoubtedly help.

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