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Tips for Improving Communication Skills

There is nothing more detrimental to the dynamics of business than miscommunication. For the very same reason, productivity expert Adriana Girdler, in her video provides a few essential tips on improving communication skills while at work. The very first step that Girdler recommends for improving communication skills, is to over articulate crucial points time and again. This will ensure that the key ideas actually end up reaching the audience.

As an additional step, she suggests following up and cross-questioning the audience to make sure that they have actually registered and understood what is being explained. She mentions that without such affirmation, the entire purpose of interaction gets defeated. The next key, according to Adriana, is to halt and pause while communicating or answering something. She recommends pausing for about 10 seconds before responding so that the chain of thoughts is somewhat cohesive and put together and the final response comes off as relatively well-structured. She also mentions that in case something magnanimously stressful has to be communicated, it is always better to wait for about 24 hours and to calm down before articulating it. This will provide the speaker an adequate window to contemplate and control the emotional impulses and thereby, to put forth a coherent response in due time. The next useful ingredient for enhancing and improving communication skills, according to Girdler, is to concentrate and to really listen and acknowledge what the other person is trying to articulate. Only a two-way channel of interaction ensures and facilitates proper interaction.

As the final step, Adriana reiterates on the importance of choosing the most appropriate technique or medium, in accordance to what is being communicated and to whom, for improving communication skills. While she designates upfront conversation as the most apt technique to articulate something crucial so as to avoid any miscommunication, she likewise states that concise emails are the perfect medium to communicate something general or non-specific. With these tips, therefore, the art of communication at work can definitely be bettered and improved with relative ease, in the days to come.

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