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Time Management Strategies to Get More Done in Less Time

If there is one ability that can boost productivity on its own, it is time management. People who are always stressed by deadlines and a lack of time must carefully analyze what activity consumes the majority of their time. Time management skill serves everyone well throughout life. It is also a crucial skill if you want to advance in your job. As a result, this Brian Tracy YouTube video gives a few time management tips that will help you accomplish more in less time.

Time management tips – get more done in less time

One of Brian’s most successful tactics for encouraging you to quit procrastinating, as described in this video, is to write down everything you need to work on using a paper. He advises writing down every minor or major task associated with achieving a goal ahead of time. He strongly advocates a written format since he feels it lays a road map that makes it simpler to complete a certain task. Another of his effective time management tips suggests that you should be totally prepared for the task at hand. According to Brian, having everything you need to complete a task, whether it is equipment or other materials, in front of you reduces the possibility of you losing concentration on the project. He also proposes that you take one tiny step toward getting started. He believes that once you take a single step to begin a task, you must constantly inspire yourself to complete it. He goes on to talk about his specific strategy for getting more done in less time, which he calls the “Salami Slice” method. He compares the task at hand to a whole load of salami. His hypothesis proposes that, just as one would never try to devour the entire thing at once, a larger task must be broken into smaller portions to make it simpler to complete. Lastly, he proposes putting all those things that create a strong emotion at high priority.

Hence, he suggests that one must deal with the toughest part of the job first and then continue to perform the easier ones later. Everyone must be able to manage their time well. The recommendations above will undoubtedly help you with efficient time management, allowing you to do more in less time.

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