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Protocol for Rescheduling a Job Interview

Among all the challenges associated with the recruitment process, the job interview is without a doubt one of the most important stages that have a significant impact on the hiring board’s ultimate choice. As a job seeker, it is vital that you thoroughly research and appreciate all of the elements that are guaranteed to impress your interviewers and boost your chances of success as you approach the interview panel. What if, however, you are unable to attend the scheduled job interview due to unforeseen circumstances? Furthermore, if you do not express the message to the employer, or if you do, if it is not done effectively, it creates a negative impact. Since rescheduling a job interview might be stressful, this YouTube video from the Don Georgevich channel outlines the correct approach for doing so.

Rescheduling a job interview

Don’s first tip is that even if you want to reschedule a job interview for your own benefit, you must first consider the employer’s point of view. Companies have their own set of deadlines. Furthermore, he says that it may be more convenient for you to take the time to look for the greatest opportunity; on the other hand, organizations urgently want a person who can manage specific responsibilities. As a result, it is preferable that you consider the firm’s perspective first. Second, he believes that after you express your desire to reschedule the job interview, the employer would likely want to know why.

Don recommends being honest in such circumstances. He also considers instances in which you may be really uncomfortable attending a job interview. While he acknowledges that one may prefer to reschedule the set date, Don nevertheless advocates pushing through the challenges and advises against postponing. Companies, in his opinion, are unlikely to consider postponing. As a result, it is unprofessional of you to indicate that you are unable to commit to a meeting time. According to him, this demonstrates a striking lack of professionalism. Finally, he addresses how one of the most typical reasons why candidates may wish to reschedule a job interview is because they are nervous. He advises pushing yourself to attend the interview regardless, since it may not be as difficult as you believe.


A job interview is your first opportunity to make an impression on the key people in the organization. However, requesting a postponement of job interview becomes incredibly difficult because it may represent a noticeable lack of professionalism. The above are a few pointers to bear in mind before undertaking the approach.

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