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How Discovering Meaningful Work Improves Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the most critical factors in establishing an organization’s employee engagement ratio. Staff engagement is closely connected to a company’s employee retention rates. Offering numerous opportunities for advancement and healthy work culture to employees is one of the best things a company can do to ensure employees are happy with their jobs. However, Scott Anthony Barlow, CEO of Happen to Your Career, explains in this audio episode on the Coaching for Leaders channel that job satisfaction is more than just a pleasant work environment.

How to discover meaningful work improves job satisfaction

Scott highlights the importance of job satisfaction in selecting which job role best complements and brings out the best in your personality. He feels that finding one’s perfect match is critical for employees; else, job satisfaction may be tough to obtain. He feels that establishing your priorities is the first step in selecting what career role you are most interested in. Declaring and arranging one’s many priorities can assist one to gain clarity, which allows you to take the best path to your goal. Moving on, he says that many people link getting clarity with taking some devoted time off to clear their brains and then think about the issue, which is usually in the form of a vacation or an extended holiday. He also mentions that verifying this hypothesis while articulating your priorities is an excellent way to move from expressing to creating clarity. He feels that experimenting with job roles before changing professions is advantageous since it reduces a lot of the risk associated with changing occupations in the event that the new job position brings you more hassle than happiness. Using career experiments to begin surfacing interests can help you gain clarity, he believes and is a sensible strategy for investigating numerous work opportunities that may pique your interest. Finally, he recommends leaders prioritize career exploration in order to enable employees to improve themselves inside the organization or go on to other opportunities.


It is vital that people are happy in their jobs. Job satisfaction is the result of the company’s and its employees’ collaborative efforts. The preceding are a few tips that may help you acquire a better grasp of the issue.

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