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Effective Steps to Rectify Work Culture

The credibility of an organization is only as good as the satisfaction of the employees working in such an enterprise. Reiterating on the paramount influence that employees have in determining the success of a venture, Donald Sull and Charles Sull, in this article on MIT Sloan Management Review, prescribes certain effective steps to rectify work culture, overall in the corporate sector.

While the definition of an ideal working culture may vary across domains and enterprises, the article broadly identifies certain common factors that are most employees find desirable in their professional realm on the whole. Therefore, among one of the first effective steps to rectify work culture, the article designates treating employees with utmost respect and regard. Only an enterprise that makes its employees feel duly acknowledged and valued, will be able to retain them and derive the best of their potential, in the days to come. As yet another of the effective steps to rectify work culture, the article recommends fostering and cultivating a generation of leaders who are not only inspiring but are equally empathetic. Only when employees feel understood and heard, will they strive towards fulfilling the tasks that they have been assigned, to the best of their capabilities. As against this, immoral behavior as well as disrespectful conduct, on the part of leaders and executives, is an aspect that organizations should condemn and negate, so as to foster a healthy working environment. While remunerations and rewards do come under effective steps to rectify work culture, the article also suggests promoting security to help employees feel safe and protected. Only in an organization that truly considers employees as its credible assets, will they strive towards performing up to their maximum potential and thereby, navigating the enterprise towards success in the long run. The task of curating a work environment, suitable for all, is one that requires due patience, tact, and strategy. Keeping in mind these effective steps to rectify work culture is sure to help bring in the much-needed transformation that most organizations require so as to function at their optimum beat, in the days to come.

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