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How to Search for a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current global situation is hard for some people and harder for others. You might either be one of the many who were in the middle of a job search when the pandemic hit, or you might be one of the many who lost their job to the pandemic.

An Economic Times article mentions that the International Labour Organization warns of almost 25 million layoffs if the virus isn’t controlled.

You could also be someone whose company didn’t work remotely before and is just figuring out how to do that now and you’re not sure of the outcome. Whichever situation you’re in, looking for a job during a pandemic and an economic crisis is not a preferable position to be in. But even though it can be challenging, don’t stop looking for a job.

While not all industries are hiring, some most definitely are. Here are a few ways you can better the results of your job-search.

Make your current job a work from home job

The easiest way to make sure you have a regular job at the moment is to try and convert your existing job into a work from home job. That could mean one of 2 things. First, you can speak with your bosses and help them understand how you can continue your existing job from a remote setup. And, if your company has never functioned with remote work employees before, now might be a great time to help them set it up. This will ensure you have a job, and also increase your credibility with your bosses. Many companies have switched to working from home, and while it might take some getting used to for everyone, it’s not impossible. Second, you can also consider a slightly different job role. In the same area of function or expertise that you currently are in, you could explore being a consultant or researcher.

Stay up-to-date

An unfamiliar situation requires a little extra from you, especially when you’re looking for a job. Make sure all your professional profiles are updated whether it is LinkedIn, or your resume or an online portfolio. Every time you apply with your resume, edit your it to the needs of that particular role. And just as important as that is, it’s also important to include a cover letter for each job. Many companies don’t even consider resumes without a cover letter. You also need to stay updated with regards to the job market and the news. The situation is changing so rapidly and is so dynamic, that it is really easy to miss a recent development.

Focus on your digital presence

Since traditional meetings and networking are out of the question, make sure to continue to network online. LinkedIn is a great platform to find connections and create a digital professional presence. This also means that you need to spread out and apply for jobs through multiple job sites. Use as many as you can and follow up diligently with all prospective leads. So don’t just stick to LinkedIn and Naukri. Explore other sites like Indeed and Facebook. Use the right hashtags and the right phrases to get better results on your job search. You should also search with the right hashtags. Apart from those pertaining to your role, looks for companies using the terms ‘urgently hiring’ or ‘immediate joinee’. These will bring up the companies actively hiring rather than those who might not be.

Get familiar with virtual meetings

You might find yourself having many virtual meetings and interviews. Whether Skype, Zoom, or Whatsapp you will need to familiarize yourself with the expectations of a virtual meeting. Like many others, if you are not accustomed to video meetings, the ones that don’t include informal and social groups such as family, then you will need to spend some time understanding and learning the nuances during a virtual meeting. With the current climate, it’s uncertain how long we might have to work from home or maintain social distancing measures, so this is essential for your current job search during a pandemic.


If you are one of those who has a little extra time then make sure you try and add to your current skill set. You can start learning a new skill while you job search. Whether it is something that will enhance your current position or something that gives you an entry point into another industry or company, be strategic about what you pick to learn. If you are unsure, speak with a few colleagues and friends to help you understand the demand and market better.

A job search during a time like this is not easy, but don’t give up hope because there are many industries and companies that are building up their teams even more aggressively than before. Keep looking and applying and while you might find something that is a temporary job role, it might lead to a permanent position when times are better.


Q. How to handle a job search during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. Don’t stop looking for a job. Instead put in more efforts to get your resume out, to network, and to improve your profile by adding to your skill set.


Q. What measures to take to ensure smooth interviews?

A. Get familiar with virtual interviews because that’s what will ensure your job search actually yields a job.

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