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Privacy Policy

Northwest Executive Education (hereinafter referred to as Northwest) will ensure that your data and privacy are protected at all times, particularly with regard to the World Wide Web. The Privacy Policy gives an overview of what information is collected when you access our website and how certain information might be used. We adhere to the principle of information technology Act and privacy and endeavor to implement it within the guidance of current legislation.

Accessing the Northwest’s website

Northwest website does not require you to login. Consequently, when you access the website you are not required to submit any personal information except while filling in the application form or any other form as may be required from time to time; however, certain anonymous data is gathered. Northwest web server collects usage data; similarly, we use certain analytics systems to provide additional anonymised statistics – the type of information obtained may include: the number of page visits per week, the average number of pages viewed by users, domain names (e.g. .in, .com,, .net), referring sites (e.g.,, Browser summaries (e.g. the number of visitors using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox) and Operating System reports (e.g. the number of page requests made using Windows XP, Windows Vista, [Mac] OS X or Unix). On occasion summary statistics may be disclosed to third-parties, however, it is important to understand that the data doesn’t provide any personal information (e.g. email addresses) and isn’t attributed to individuals. The primary purpose for collecting the information, which is used on an aggregate basis, is to improve the content and functionality of our website. *Note: This data is protected from public access and can only be viewed and disclosed by authorized personnel.

Web Forms

Where Web Forms are utilized on the site, user’s are usually required to supply some sort of personal information; in certain instances this might only be a reply email address, however, elsewhere considerably more detailed information may be required, e.g. in the Online Application process. In general, forms on Northwest’s website will either contain an explanation about how the information you supply will be used or will provide a link to this page (Data Protection – see below)

Data Protection

The information you provide to Northwest will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000, Indian Penal Code and any other relevant legislation. This data may be used to provide you with further information about relevant services. It may be held on a mailing list or database for this purpose, unless you object (by notifying Northwest in writing); and it may also be passed on to a third-party (a ‘data processor’) with whom Northwest has formally contracted to process your data for this purpose, subject to the safeguards concerning privacy and security of data set out in the Act.


Cookies are small data structures used by a website to ‘request’ information from a client (usually a web browser), return the information to the web site and then store the information. There are various instances where Northwest’s website requires the use of Cookies, e.g. in the Online Application process.

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