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The Secret to Concluding Mundane Tasks

While most people devote a considerable amount of time towards completing tasks that they enjoy, the everyday, mundane tasks, however, are ones that are often neglected. Taking into account this very premise, a recent study has attempted to uncover the secret to concluding mundane tasks through effective methods, each of which is addressed and elaborated on in this article on UCLA Anderson Review.

As per the results of the studies conducted collectively by Alicea Lieberman from UCLA Anderson, Andrea C. Morales from the University of Arizona, and On Amir from UC San Diego, the secret to concluding mundane tasks lies in compiling them with interesting ones. The article states that engaging in attention-retaining activities simultaneously acts as a distraction technique that in turn, functions as the secret to concluding mundane tasks. However, it is also important, alongside, to make sure that the ancillary tasks do not completely consume the partaker’s attention and instead help in merely prolonging the time duration, thereby acting as the secret to concluding mundane tasks, a potent tool that can be implemented in broader and diverse contexts.

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