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The Correlation Between Purpose and Happiness

The idea of what truly attributes to happiness is one that has been the focus of persistent study and analysis, over the ages. To determine whether financial well-being specifically affects the purpose of life and thereby, impacts happiness, this article in UCLA Anderson Review furnishes the findings of several crucial studies, in this context. The results of the surveys, as per the article, denote a decline in the correlation between purpose and happiness, with the rise in income across the globe at large.

The studies referred to in the article uses surveys among the population of varied income groups as one of the chief determinants to critically analyze the correlation between purpose and happiness. The results reveal that in the absence of alternative means to augment happiness through procuring expensive commodities, individuals belonging to lower-income groups rely extensively on their purpose in life to acquire a sense of happiness. Further, in order to rule out regional influence as a determinant, the researchers also conducted extensive surveys across different nations so as to derive a conclusive proof of the correlation between purpose and happiness with regard to financial well-being so as to employ the said findings in combating economic disparity and contributing to the betterment of people belonging to lower-income groups.

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