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The Limitations of Having Excessive Free Time

While effective time management is often hailed as the one-stop solution for accomplishing every objective out there, understanding what the concepts propagate, is equally important, likewise. UCLA Anderson’s Cassie Mogilner Holmes and Hal Hershfield along with University of Pennsylvania’s Marissa Sharif emphasize the importance of striking a critical balance in the paper covering this study. Mastering the art of time management does not merely entail achieving time-bound goals within designated short periods of time but it also encompasses the idea of keeping the self-occupied to a certain extent, taking into account the limitations of having excessive free time.

The limitations of having excessive free time, can even proceed to affect the personal well-being of individuals just as much as a dearth of free time can. However, in order to keep the limitations of having excessive free time in check, it is crucial to turn such time segments into bits that are not altogether useless or unfulfilling. Bearing in mind the limitations of having excessive free time, therefore, the objective should be to curate such a well-rounded schedule that promotes productivity as well as leisure in a manner that is balanced, attainable, and effective.

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