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Premature Free Upgrades: The Key to Augmenting Profit

While most enterprises often resort to offering upgrades to customers only when the desired product is unavailable, this article in UCLA Anderson Review lays out the findings of a recent study that suggests otherwise. Voluntarily providing the option of premature free upgrades to consumers, as per the results of the study, can be a potent way to enhance sales and garner profit, all at the same time.

It is necessary to understand that the offer of premature free upgrades holds its unique appeal only so long as the requested product or service is available at the same time, the article affirms. Not only does the idea of offering premature free upgrades ameliorate the probability of an increase in overall sales but also leaves a venture with more specialized products to spare for customers with extremely specific requirements who are likely to reject the offer of slightly modified prototypes. As per the article, bearing this crucial idea in mind will not only amount to enhanced revenue generation but will also ease and stabilize the management of inventories as well, one step at a time.

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