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A Remedy for an Insecure Metaverse

The limitless potentialities that the internet offers also come with the most dreadful of dangers and associated risks, along with. With the speculations of the advent of the metaverse, therefore, there is an urgent requirement to formulate a remedy for a secure metaverse at the earliest, an issue that this article on MIT Technology Review by Tanya Basu, provides a glimpse of.

Speaking of a remedy for a secure metaverse, Tanya, in this article, brings Tiffany Xingyu Wang to the forefront. Wang’s Oasis Consortium can serve as an alternative to Facebook’s metaverse in more ways than one, Basu affirms. The key to developing a remedy for a secure metaverse, as per Wang, is to allow tech organizations around the world to function autonomously, within their own space. Only a sense of liberty will propel contenders and opponents to think alike and co-exist, opting for authentic and ethical solutions. The article also highlights some of the prominent protocols of Oasis such as recruiting safety officers, inculcating practices to promote a healthy, positive internet experience, exercising a due amount of prudence, and so on, each of which denotes its potential as a remedy for a secure metaverse that is viable, even as the world steps into a future enthralled by uncertainties and volatilities, more so than ever before.

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