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How to Correctly Predict Job Interview Questions?

A job interview not only determines whether or not you will be hired for the specific job, but it also acts as your first impression if you are hired. Candidates typically do their best to answer all questions confidently while appearing professional. However, being confident in the interview gets a bit simpler if you can predict the job interview questions or if you have the most general replies that may serve as the ideal answer to any of the questions asked. Owing to that, career counselor Max Chan shares ways to anticipate job interview questions and how to answer them confidently in this podcast episode on the Find Your Dream Job channel.

In the start of the podcast episode, Max implies that interviewers tend to ask similar questions to candidates applying for the same kinds of job roles. Max than argues interview questions for the same sort of job function tend to be similar due to the specific skill set expected of the candidate in every organization. Max further states that he believes the greatest source for determining job interview questions that candidates may be required to answer is a job advertisement. According to him, reading everything listed in the job description is essential for preparing for the job interview. Next, he suggests that in circumstances where guessing the questions may not be advantageous, it is critical to have a good professional story or incidents that demonstrate your experience in your previous job to back you up. As a result, if you are asked a question to which you do not have a suitable answer, you may be able to modify your response by sharing any of the best-matched stories to tell. He claims that the main issue with not preparing for a job interview is that it makes you less structured, and as a result, your responses become less specific to the question. On the other hand, he says that preparation for the interview allows you to have the specifics of your industry expertise on hand so that you can present them at the appropriate time during the interview. Finally, Max advises noting that an interview is in fact a competition among the numerous applicants that apply. Hence, it is preferable to provide the most appropriate and specific response to whatever questions are posed.

Predicting job interview questions is not as difficult as it appears. There are various techniques to prepare for and anticipate the questions you may face during the interview, some of which are given above.

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