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Learn to leverage exponential technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, quantum computing, additive and digital manufacturing, blockchain, cybersecurity, etc. that play a vital part in the business growth for organizations. Through this program, you will gain the skills required to lead the change at your organization, in order to drive growth, evolve business models, craft strategies to counter disruptive threats, and build innovative solutions.

Key Benefits

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Inclusion in the MIT Professional Education Alumni network

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Forwarding email address

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Access to the MIT Libraries and other available MIT database services on campus.

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Grow personal influence and showcase leadership in your organization to lead transformation through technology.

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Gain most recent knowledge and research-driven insights from accomplished MIT Faculty

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Harness the potential of transformative technologies such as blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity through evolving business models and strategies.

Participant Experience


The program covers 6 modules including 3 modules at MIT campus and will enable individuals to lead the change at their organizations to drive growth, evolve business models, craft strategies to counter disruptive threats and build innovative solutions leveraging exponential digital technologies.

The multi-modular format of TLP is designed to strengthen four key areas required for a highly regarded technology leaders to be successful in a rapidly changing and growing organization.

  • Exploring Big Data, AI, ML, IOT, AR, VR, Robotics and Automation, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and other emerging technologies
  • Applying business context to technology
  • Developing value creating applications
  • Planning and developing Technologies
  • Evaluating and adopting innovation models
  • Understanding and applying design thinking
  • Innovating through experimentation
  • Organizing creativity-led execution
  • Managing and leading R&D teams
  • Building competitive advantage
  • Developing new business models
  • Leading organizational change
  • Leading technology strategy
  • Managing cultures in organizations
  • Building allies and negotiating agreements
  • Exercising power and influence
  • Taking charge of personal growth
  • Understanding and leveraging strengths
  • Creating and scaling up organizations
  • Leading and staffing global teams
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Building and leveraging global networks
  • Leading the ethical sides of technology


The TLP participants represent a diverse group of high potential leaders and senior executives with rich experiences and global aspirations.




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