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Ways to Facilitate an Improved Supply Chain

While several methodologies including the just-in-time supply chain technique popularized by Toyota, have proved effective in diverse scenarios, the inception of the pandemic, however, has necessitated the development of alternatives, at the earliest. Taking into account the extent to which operations were hindered owing to a global health crisis, this article designates certain credible ways to facilitate an improved supply chain.

To begin with, while the delay that was caused by an extended disruption as Covid-19 puts forth the necessity of extended supply chains as viable alternative options, alongside, it also makes it imperative to enhance transparency at every level so as to facilitate an improved supply chain, the article asserts. Further, according to the article, an evaluation of associated risks along with the creation of precise roadmaps to foster an improved supply chain that will be agile and durable, irrespective of the impediments that might come in the way, is equally essential to persevere in the days to come.

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