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Remote Working Data During the Pandemic to Help Rethink the Office

As more and more companies are determined to rethink the office and are making plans to keep the remote working or hybrid working structures going in the future, scientists suggest looking at remote working data for guidance. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify are working on revising their traditional work structures. Much has been said about companies offering flexible work structures and those who have decided to go back to physical work spaces.

In order to test all the theories, Chicago Booth’s Steven J. Davis and Jose Maria Barrero of the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, Bloom, conducted a survey of US workers in May 2020, on a monthly basis. They tracked over 30,000 workers between the ages of 20–64 earning a minimum of $20,000 per year in 2019.

Remote working data possible due to the pandemic can help organizations rethink the office.

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