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The Impact of the Great Resignation

The global pandemic has induced a colossal transformation across diverse sectors of the professional realm, producing a plethora of effects such as that of the great resignation. While this phenomenon is often studied from the standpoint of the employees, it is crucial to discern the impact of the great resignation wave on the employers as well.

An evaluation of the impact of the great resignation on employers denotes that there has been a considerable increase in endeavors that are centered around the well-being of employees across sectors. Improved and effective recruitment strategy, as well as credible employee retention policies, are yet other outcomes that come within the purview of the impact of the great resignation on employers. The volatilities of the global vocational climate and the changing requirements, has further exacerbated the acute necessity to invest in the appropriate resources and programs. This is to ensure the improvement of employee skill sets, following the impact of the great resignation and inducing organizations to chart out clear and precise roadmaps for the near future.

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