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Do You Have Leadership Genes?

The interrelation and influence of genetic factors on the leadership acumen of individuals, has been an area of consistent focus, for researchers across the globe. A recent study by the NUS Business School has revealed the presence of nine specific denoters that can be used to identify if you have leadership genes, a facet that this article provides an exclusive glimpse into.

As per the article, the findings of the study can be exponentially employed to determine the correlation between biological attributes of individuals, their occupational proficiency, and their overall physiological and mental well-being through a glimpse into leadership genes. While certain aspects that emerged through the study denoted a positive interrelation between leadership and overall well-being by virtue of the sense of accomplishment and the resourcefulness that it brings along, the results also highlighted the possibility of such ailments as bipolar disorder and reduced lifespan among leaders owing to the prolonged stress and anxiety associated with such positions. The identification of leadership genes and their overall bearing on the well-being of individuals can be extended to help them understand this complex mechanism and thereby, navigate through it with required caution, as and when required.

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