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The Distinct Nature of Inflation in Singapore

The issue of rising inflation is a cause of persistent concern across the realm of the economy, at large. While diverse measures are often adopted to combat inflation and stabilize the financial cycle, it is essential to analyze and understand the causes underlying it and the exact mode of its functional mechanism. Taking this into account, Sumit Agarwal and Yeow Hee Chua, for instance, in this article by NUS Business School, attempts to discern the distinct nature of inflation operating in Singapore at the moment and provides an in-depth analysis of the very sources that might be propelling this phenomenon.

In order to deconstruct the distinct nature of inflation operating in Singapore, the article designates it not as an isolated incident but rather as an outcome of a larger global occurrence. Therefore, the remedial stance that has been adopted by the Singapore government, too, has to be studied as an extension of the measures that have been opted for by nations far and wide to navigate through a state of global inflation. The article suggests that despite the varied steps undertaken by global policymakers, in the context of the distinct nature of inflation operating in Singapore, the ultimate solution lies in a gradual, controlled expenditure by the federal governments and principal banks so as to ensure effective outcome coupled with minimal financial damage to associated sectors.

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