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Earth Day: An Occasion to Reaffirm the Need for Environmental Protection

If there is one alarming issue across the globe that cannot be disregarded at any cost, it is the urgent need for environmental protection. While diverse initiatives are being launched across sectors to further the cause, it is essential for business leaders to support this movement and implement necessary modifications in ground-level scenarios, an aspect that this article by NUS Business School delves into.

Choosing the specific occasion of Earth Day, the article underlines the acute necessity to implement sustainable solutions in the paradigm of business frameworks. Drawing references from a study by CEMS that highlighted the need for environmental protection as one of the top priorities of business professionals across the globe, the article designates corporate organizations with the crucial responsibility of effectuating this transformation. Such alterations will be plausible only when leaders of tomorrow pioneer this change, create awareness and articulate the urgency to ensure that people at every level are driven towards action, thereby catering to the urgent need for environmental protection.

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