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Tips to Implement Strategic Communication

It is more essential to pay attention to how something is said than to what is being said. It is clear that it is not the content of the information being given along that attracts attention; rather, it is the manner in which it is delivered that entices individuals to pay attention. While some may refer to it as manipulation, Keisha Brewer says in this TEDx Talks video that it should be referred to as strategic communication. One of the many traits that will assist both leaders and employees succeed in their jobs is strategic communication. Communication is the cornerstone of all that has to be achieved. As a result, it is critical to comprehend the significance of strategic communication.

Keisha begins her presentation by noting that whatever is being said is equally as essential as how it is being delivered. This is how she defines strategic communication in a nutshell. She claims that workers must use strategic communication not just in their job lives but also in their personal lives in order to succeed in all they do. She says that people’s reluctance to accomplish whatever they want out of life is typically caused by some kind of barrier in the way they communicate. Strategic communication, according to her, is simply expressing the objective while showing the value in order to attain it. It enables you to elicit precise responses from your target audience, allowing you to achieve what you want out of the circumstance. She demonstrates how strategic communication aids in the creation of win-win scenarios. In other words, it gives both parties the impression that they are obtaining what they desire from the deal. Manipulation is not the same as this. She then goes over the best approach to enforce strategic communication, recommending that the first step is to determine the aim. She then advises communicating and comprehending the value. She proposes that the final step be stating the need. Make use of the shared values that you and your target audience have in common, and articulate the need that you both desire. As a result, she advises that if you follow the methods she outlined, you will be able to effectively battle the resistance that might lead to a communication failure. She closes her presentation by emphasizing the need to not just deliver the finest content, but also do it in an efficient manner.

Manipulation is not the same as strategic communication. As described by Keisha Brewer in this YouTube video on TEDx Talks, it allows us to efficiently and successfully express our vision to the target audience, influencing them in our favor.

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